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Introduction to Anthropology Crash Course by Anthroholic

Introduction to Anthropology

New to Anthropology? This online crash course makes it easy for you. Learn the basics and entire overview of this vast discipline. In Just 25 Videos clear all the basic concepts of Anthropology to Grasp it fast. A first of it’s kind crash course created by Anthropologists from around the world for everyone interested in learning Anthropology.

Introduction to Anthropology: Crash Course

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Introduction to Anthropology: Crash Course

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All the Information You Need To Get Started With Anthropology

1000s of students have requested us for this course. And here we are with the crash course that gives you the overview of the discipline of Anthropology. You get LIFETIME access to it all for a single payment.

Your Instructors in this Course

Anna Lee

Anna holds an Anthropology degree with a focus on Biological Anthropology from Appalachian State University. Passionate about education, ethics, & human osteology research, she volunteers for archaeological projects & enjoys coding for data visualization. Anna also finds joy in playing classical piano & violin, & hiking.

Suramya Pushan

Suramya Pushan, a Calcutta native, transcends boundaries in music, theatre, films, and anthropology, embodying the fusion of tradition and modernity. A Hindustani classical music graduate, multi-instrumentalist, and actor, he holds master’s degrees from Delhi University and Central European University, Vienna.

Louisa Lopez

Louisa, a seasoned anthropologist with a Master’s from Goldsmiths, London, now calls Thailand home. Specializing in religion, magic, and spirituality, she explores community-based tourism and rituals. Inspired by Margaret Mead and Veena Das, her master’s thesis focused on the spirituality of the radical environmental left wing in the UK.

Mariaelena Destefano

Mariaelena is an anthropologist currently pursuing a PhD in Anthropology. Her research focuses on the spread of anthropological practices in Italy & Spain, exploring the evolution of the disciplines & their response to global issues. She delves into the humanistic tradition & the impact of medical anthropology in both countries.

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Basics of Anthropology

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This Is Everything You Need To Know About Anthropology

Get access to the first of it’s kind course on Anthropology. Learn directly from Anthropologists from around the world like never before.

What Anthropology is and what it is not?
Why Anthropology
Evolutionary approach to learning
Challenges While Learning Anthropology
How to begin with Anthropology
Books Movies and Documentaries to get started
Knowledge You Should Already Have
Evolutionary History of Everything
Versions of Anthropology
Anthropological Theories in Introduction to Anthropology Crash Course
Jobs and Career related to Anthropology
Subfields of Anthropology in Introduction to Anthropology Crash Course

Topics Covered in this Course

  • Introduction
  • What Anthropology is and what it is not?
  • Why Anthropology and its practical use?
  • Evolutionary approach to learning
  • Challenges while understanding Anthropology
    • Ethnocentrism
    • Bias
    • Multiple Perspective
  • How to begin with Anthropology?
  • Books, movies and documentaries to get started
  • The knowledge you should already have
  • Versions of Anthropology
    • American Anthropology
    • British Anthropology
    • Indian Anthropology
    • Italy and Spanish Anthropology
    • Development of Anthropology in other countries
  • Evolutionary History of everything
    • Basics of Evolution of the earth
    • Evolution of human beings
    • Evolution of society, culture, government, money etc
  • Anthropological Theories
  • Subfields of Anthropology
    • Physical/Biological Anthropology
    • Social-Cultural Anthropology
    • Linguistic Anthropology
    • Archaeological Anthropology
  • Jobs/Career related to Anthropology

Got Questions?

Here are answers to the most popular questions we get from students and anthropology enthusiasts interested in this jam-packed Introduction to Anthropology: Crash Course.