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Anuksha Amrita Anthroholic

Anuksha Amrita

Anuksha Amrita is a Forensic consultant and also a Content Writer. After completing her masters in science from Delhi University she has worked as a Content writer for various websites and blogs. She has also worked at Muskurahat foundation as a fundraising intern for child education. She has lately been a published co author of two Anthologies and Author of three published poems. She obtained the prestigious Meritorious Award by Faculty of Sciences, University of Delhi for two consecutive years. (2020, 2021). She also holds qualifications such as Forensic Aptitude and caliber test (FACT2022) and UGC- NET.
What is Mosaic Evolution in Anthropology

Mosaic Evolution

Mosaic evolution refers to the process by which various traits within an organism or lineage evolve at different rates and often independently from one another.
DNA Typing in Human Genetics in Anthropology

DNA Typing

DNA is also known as the biological blueprint of life while DNA typing is also known by various names such as DNA Profiling, genotyping or identity testing.
Understanding Prosimians in Primatology and Anthropology


Prosimians are the group of animals who belong to the kingdom of mammals and the order primates.
What is Exogamy or Exogamous Marriage in Anthropology


Exogamy is a social phenomenon of marrying outside one's own community, tribe or social group.
What is Endogamy in Marriage in Anthropology


Endogamy, also known as ‘in-marriage’, is a type of marriage custom in which an individual marries another individual from the same  ethnic, cultural, social, religious,tribal groups and sometimes even in the same family.
Forensic Serology in Forensic Science and Anthropology

Forensic Serology

Forensic serology is the application of knowledge of scientific study of blood serum and other body fluids in the court of law for the administration of justice.
Forensic Biology in Anthropology & Forensic Science

Forensic Biology

Forensic Biology is that branch of forensic science which involves application of knowledge of biological sciences in the court of Law for the administration of Justice.
Forensic Ballistics in Anthropology and Forensic Science

Forensic Ballistics

Forensic Ballistic is the branch of forensic science that deals with the study of projectiles in motion and its application in the field of forensics for administration of justice in the court of law.
Branches of Forensic Science in Anthropology

Branches of Forensic Science

Forensic Science is an interdisciplinary science that involves the exploitation of various general and applied fields of science. Branches of Forensic Science are discussed below
Pangenesis Theory by Charles Darwin - Anthropology

Pangenesis Theory

Pangenesis Theory is one of the Theories of Inheritance given by Sir Charles Darwin. He coined the term Pangenesis with the terms ‘pan’ which means whole and ‘genesis’ which means origin.
Questioned Documents - Forensic Anthropology

Questioned Document

Questioned document is a branch of forensic science in which the evidence material is a piece of document that is suspicious in nature.
Accidental Investigations Forensic Anthropology

Accident Investigation

The road accident investigation very important for the purpose of knowing the cause of the incident, cause of death of the victim and claiming insurance.