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Human Growth and Development

Human Growth and Development is the study of physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional changes and growth throughout the lifespan. This category covers topics such as prenatal development, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and aging. From exploring the stages of development to understanding the impact of environmental and genetic factors, learn about the science of human growth and development.

Theories and Observations of Ageing in Anthropology

Theories and Observations of Ageing

Ageing, an inevitable part of life, is a complex process involving a multitude of biological, psychological, and sociological interactions. Since time immemorial, humans have sought to understand the process of ageing and the reasons for its existence.
What is Senescence in Human Growth and Development in Anthropology


Senescence refers to the biological process of aging, characterized by a progressive decline in physiological function and an increased susceptibility to disease and death.
Understanding Menarche in Human Growth and Development


Menarche, a term that may seem obscure to some, is an essential event in the life of every female.
Understanding Menopause


Menopause, a natural biological event marking the cessation of a woman's reproductive years, remains a topic enveloped in mystery
Monozygotic Twins or Idnetical Twins in Genetics

Monozygotic Twins

Monozygotic twins, or identical twins, are siblings who are formed from a single fertilized egg that divides into two identical embryos during early development.
Auxology Human Growth and Development - Anthroholic


Auxology is the science which deals with the curiosity of humans to answer the questions behind the phenomenon of human growth and development.