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Suchandra Chattopadhyay - Anthroholic

Suchandra Chattopadhyay

Suchandra is a Ph.D. Research Scholar, at the Department of Sociology, Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University, West Bengal. Her interests lie in the Sociology of Culture and the Sociology of Gender. She has previously held positions at XamFit and Collegedunia.
Theory of Variation in Anthropology

Theory of Variation

The theory of variation, also known as the theory of evolution, is a scientific explanation for how species have evolved and diversified over time.
Arranged Marriages in India

Arranged Marriages in India

Arranged marriages in India are so common that there is a term for an unarranged marriage- a “love marriage” .
What is Transculturation in Cultural Anthropology


Transculturation is a process of cultural transition characterized by the emergence of a new cultural phenomenon.
Theory of Great Chain of Being in Evolution and Anthropology

Great Chain of Being

The "Great Chain of Being" is the term used in medieval culture to describe the hierarchical order of the natural world.
Social Structure in Cultural Anthropology

Social Structure

The concept of 'social structure' was first introduced by Herbert Spencer, in the latter half of the 19th century. He applied the “organic analogy” to the study of society.
Marriage Exchanges - Cultural Anthropology - Anthroholic

Marriage Exchanges

The term marriage exchanges can be used to denote the payment of cash, gifts, or other valuables, in exchange for a bride or groom, or the exchange of women during a marital union.
Hypogamy - Anthroholic


Hypogamy is a rule of marriage that is the exact opposite of hypergamy. American sociologist Robert K. Merton describes hypogamy as a case of “women marrying down”.
Bride Wealth - Anthropology

Bride Wealth

Bridewealth is the transfer of goods, cash, and other valuables that takes place during a marital union.
Ghost Marriage - Anthroholic

Ghost Marriage

Ghost marriage is a rare type of posthumous marriage between a living and a deceased person or a ghost. In some societies, marriage can even occur between two deceased persons.