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Marriage is a social and legal institution that involves the union of two people as partners in a committed relationship. This category covers topics related to the history and evolution of marriage, as well as cultural and legal practices around the world. From examining the meaning and purpose of marriage to exploring the challenges and benefits of married life, this category offers insights into this complex and important institution.

Universality of Marriage - Anthropology

Universality of Marriage

Marriage is a social institution existing in all societies but the characteristics vary from culture to culture. Several anthropologists have made an effort to
Sororate Marriage - Anthroholic


Sororate Marriage is one where the husband marries the sister of the deceased or infertile wife. The term “Sororate” originated from the Latin word “soror” meaning sister.
Levirate Marriage - Anthroholic


A Levirate marriage is one in which the deceased person's brother is required to wed his brother's widow. In easier terms, it is marrying the deceased husband’s brother.
Ghost Marriage - Anthroholic

Ghost Marriage

Ghost marriage is a rare type of posthumous marriage between a living and a deceased person or a ghost. In some societies, marriage can even occur between two deceased persons.