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Marriage is a social and legal institution that involves the union of two people as partners in a committed relationship. This category covers topics related to the history and evolution of marriage, as well as cultural and legal practices around the world. From examining the meaning and purpose of marriage to exploring the challenges and benefits of married life, this category offers insights into this complex and important institution.

Marriage Regulations (Preferential, Prespective and Prospective) in Anthropology

Marriage Regulations

Marriage, as a social institution, has evolved over time with different societies implementing various rules and customs to regulate the practice.
Marriage and Mating in Anthropology

Marriage and Mating

Marriage and mating are fundamental aspects of human society. The union of two individuals creates a family unit, which forms the building blocks of society.
Sexual Promiscuity in Anthropology


Sexual Promiscuity generally refers to engaging in sexual activity with multiple partners without a committed or exclusive relationship.
Polygamy Marriage in Anthropology


Polygamy is the marriage occurring between one person and multiple partners. While polyamory is a consistent umbrella term used for the various
Common-Law Marriage in Anthropology

Common-Law Marriage

Common-law marriage is a legal framework in which a couple may be considered married even if their relationship has not been formally recorded as a civil or religious marriage.
What is Polygyny marriage in Anthropology


Marriage is a universal institution but its forms differ in every society. One such form is Polygyny, which is one of the important kinds of polygamy where a man is married to several women at the same time.
What is Exogamy or Exogamous Marriage in Anthropology


Exogamy is a social phenomenon of marrying outside one's own community, tribe or social group.
What is Monogamy in Anthropology


Monogamy is defined as the socially sanctioned union of two spouses. This union is often marked by exclusivity, though that is not always the case.
What is Polyandry in Anthropology


Polyandry, the custom of a woman being married to multiple men at the same time, is a unique sort of marriage that has been reported in various cultures throughout history.