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Shefali Sharma Anthroholic

Shefali Sharma

Shefali Sharma is a Research Scholar in the Department of Anthropology at University of Rajasthan. She obtained a prestigious meritorious award by University of Rajasthan in 2022. She also holds qualifications such as UGC – NET. She is a writer by the day and reader by the night and has worked as a content writer for various websites.
Problems with Modern Feminism by Anthroholic

Problems with Modern Feminism

Modern feminism has a lot of detractors and problems to name a few. Some people give the opinion that it is overly concerned with identity politics and that it is dividing rather than unifying people while others assert that it is too derogatory towards men and is fostering an atmosphere of hostility.
What are Primates in Anthropology


Primates are members of the phylum Chordata and the Kingdom Animalia. The primates belong to the Mammalia order. They are therefore a specific kind of mammal.
Quadrupedalism in Primatology


Quadrupedalism is a type of movement in which all four limbs are employed to move around.
Bipedalism in Primates in Anthropology


Bipedalism is a significant mode of mobility that involves walking on two feet. (Napier, 2019).
Common-Law Marriage in Anthropology

Common-Law Marriage

Common-law marriage is a legal framework in which a couple may be considered married even if their relationship has not been formally recorded as a civil or religious marriage.
What is Polygyny marriage in Anthropology


Marriage is a universal institution but its forms differ in every society. One such form is Polygyny, which is one of the important kinds of polygamy where a man is married to several women at the same time.
Arrange Marriage in Anthropology

Arrange Marriage

Arrange marriage is a union which is intended by the families, usually the parents of a man and woman.
Social Organization in Anthropology

Social Organization

The meaning of terms social organisation and social structure indicates uncertainty, anthropologists and sociologists use these terms alternatively.
Miller-Urey Experiment in Anthropology

Miller-Urey Experiment

Stanley Miller and Harold Urey in 1953 tested the Oparin – Haldane Theory and were successful in producing the organic molecules from some inorganic
Functions of Marriage - Anthropology

Functions of Marriage

Marriage is a vital social institution which performs important justifications without which society cannot survive and continue. The functions of marriage are one of the basis to understand marriage as an institution.