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Social/Cultural Anthropology

Social and Cultural Anthropology is the study of human societies and cultures, including their beliefs, practices, and social organization. This category covers topics such as religion, economics, politics, and family, as well as the study of cultural diversity and globalization. From exploring the rich diversity of human cultures to understanding the complex social and cultural systems that shape our world, learn about the fascinating field of social and cultural anthropology.

Levirate Marriage - Anthroholic


A Levirate marriage is one in which the deceased person's brother is required to wed his brother's widow. In easier terms, it is marrying the deceased husband’s brother.
Ghost Marriage - Anthroholic

Ghost Marriage

Ghost marriage is a rare type of posthumous marriage between a living and a deceased person or a ghost. In some societies, marriage can even occur between two deceased persons.
Culture and Society - Anthroholic

Culture and Society

Culture and Society complement one another. A shared set of beliefs, values, customs, behaviors, and artefacts that characterize a group or society is termed as culture.