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Anthroholic helps the world learn Anthropology for Free. We strive to provide comprehensive and high quality content for deep understanding of the discipline.
Branches of Human Genetics in Biological Anthropology

Branches of Human Genetics

Human genetics is a vast and complex field of study that aims to understand the inheritance of traits in humans.
Types of Marriage in Anthropology

Types of Marriage

There are many types of marriages practiced in different cultures and societies around the world. Some of the most common types of marriages include:
Etymology - Anthroholic


“… words are more durable than anything, that they blow with the wind, hibernate and reawaken, shelter parasites on the most unlikely hosts, survive and…

Phonetics - Anthroholic


A subfield and study of speech and linguistics are called phonetics. It studies how speech sounds are created and categorized throughout the world.
Origin of Language - Anthroholic

Origin of Language

The origin of language is one of, if not the biggest, scientifically accepted enigma.
Anthropology and Humanities - Anthroholic

Relationship between Anthropology and Humanities

Anthropology and humanities are two fields of study that often overlap, but also have distinct differences. Both disciplines focus on understanding human behavior and culture, but they approach this subject from different perspectives. In this blog post, we will explore the similarities and differences between anthropology and humanities, and what sets each field apart.
Archaeology - Anthroholic


Archaeology is like a time machine! It's a way for us to learn about people who lived a long, long time ago. People who lived thousands, even millions of years ago didn't leave behind written records or videos for us to learn from.