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Shaantanu Shende Anthroholic

Shaantanu Shende

Archaeology student at Deccan College Research Institute. Passionate about anthropological research and literature. Enthusiastic about war history. Avid reader and writer.
Hypergamy in Social Cultural Anthropology


Hypergamy is the cultural or social practice of marrying a person with a higher socio-economic status.
Polygamy Marriage in Anthropology


Polygamy is the marriage occurring between one person and multiple partners. While polyamory is a consistent umbrella term used for the various
What is Monogamy in Anthropology


Monogamy is defined as the socially sanctioned union of two spouses. This union is often marked by exclusivity, though that is not always the case.
What is Paleoanthropology


Paleoanthropology is a field that studies the evolution, behavior and physical characteristics of prehistoric humans.
What is Visual Anthropology

Visual Anthropology

Anthropologist Karl Heider describes ‘visual anthropology’ as the use of visual material in conveying anthropological research.
Theory of Use and Disuse in Evolution

Theory of Use and Disuse

The ‘theory of use and disuse’ refers to the concept that all organisms physically adjust to their environment in ways that these new physical characteristics could be inherited by their offspring.
What is Paleopathology in Anthropology - Anthroholic


Paleopathology is the discipline that investigates ancient diseases based on human or animal remains.
Paleoarchaeology in Anthropology


Paleoarchaeology is the study of fossil remains from about 7,000,000 to 10,000 years ago. The word originates from Greek ‘arkhaios’ and ‘palaios’, which both mean old or ancient.
Political Anthropology Definition, Facts and Uses

Political Anthropology

Political Anthropology examines the socio-cultural processes within governments, states, parties and other political systems.
Archaeological Practice in Anthropology

Archaeological Practice

Archaeological practice is the set of aims, techniques and interpretation that archaeologists undertake.
Theory of Spontaneous Generation in Evolution in Biological Anthropology

Theory of Spontaneous Generation

The theory of spontaneous generation is the idea that living organisms originated from seemingly non-living beings, or even totally inorganic matter.
Industrial Archaeology in Anthropology

Industrial Archaeology

Industrial archaeology (IA) is a recent field of study focusing on documentation and preservation of humankind’s industrial heritage.