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Problems with Modern Feminism

Modern feminism is a multifaceted movement with numerous viewpoints and goals, such as eliminating sexism and sexual exploitation and achieving full gender equality in law and behavior. For decades, it has been a catalyst for societal progress. But, modern feminism in today’s world has gone too far and is already creating issues. Modern feminism has a lot of detractors and problems to name a few. Some people give the opinion that it is overly concerned with identity politics and that it is dividing rather than unifying people while others assert that it is too derogatory towards men and is fostering an atmosphere of hostility. One group even contends that in a culture where women already enjoy equal rights, it is no longer relevant.

Problems with Modern Feminism by Anthroholic

Without a doubt, modern feminism has its issues. But it is pivotal to acknowledge that it is a convoluted movement with numerous opposing viewpoints. Even with all the associated problems modern feminism has contributed to the major gains made by women and that it continues to be a powerful force for change in the modern world.

With the increasing awareness about the feminist movements and globalization, modern feminism has undergone the grip of various problems and muddle. Some of the problems of modern feminism can be discussed as under

Problems of Modern Feminism

  1. In favor of feminism, opposed to femininity: Ironic indeed, considering how many so-called “feminists” today truly despise everything connected to the feminine. This isn’t about rebranding; rather, it’s about a regressive hatred of female individuality in favor of monotonous genderlessness. It involves females criticizing other females for their innate preference for more “feminine” aesthetics, personality traits, or professional options.
  2. Counter someone who believes in gender equality: The idea of rape culture, the patriarchy, the wage gap, male privilege, etc. are facts will be attacked by them, and they will attack anyone who disagrees with them. And they’ll accuse you of being sexist. A value is being monopolized by feminists. You can’t appreciate women and demand equal rights if you are against our entire philosophy. They intentionally conflate ideals and theories.
  3. Put ideology above the facts: The best illustration of this lies in biology. The majority of feminists will assert that society and not genetics or biological characteristics, is to blame for all substantial differences between men and women.
  4. Pernicious beauty standards: Numerous studies have shown that racist and gendered beauty standards have a terrible effect on the economy and people’s quality of life. With body dissatisfaction linked to depression, anxiety, suicide, smoking, eating disorders, alcoholism, and other problems, as well as appearance-based discrimination linked to an increased risk of poor health care, weight gain, incarceration, early mortality, and other problems, toxic beauty ideals have a huge and dangerous toll on people’s lives.
  5. Sex work is portrayed as empowering: Whether it be pornography, stripping, or prostitution, women who work in the sex business are at the center of a persistent debate that raises issues with their sexuality, health, economy, and morals. They have been spreading the message that my body can be sold, and this is all okay because it gives people power, right? Seeing oneself as an object is completely in my best interests. On the contrary, Feminism is supposed to be on “behalf of women’s rights and interests” isn’t it?
  6. Gender wars: The third wave of feminism gave rise to statements like, “All the problems of women are caused by men, so let’s just kill them off,” and other comically anti-feminist sayings. It will never be possible for feminism to genuinely flourish by advocating for men to simply die. Men and women are biologically unable to live apart as humans. To end all sex-based prejudice, we need males on our side, but it seems that we are turning them away. The extreme misconception of what feminism was intended to be that third-wave feminism has become.
  7. The disregard for male issues: A common misconception regarding feminism is that it solely cares about women’s issues. But it is important to remember that a lot of males experience persecution and discrimination as well. The rights of all individuals, regardless of gender, should be a concern of a truly inclusive feminist movement.
  8. The accent on victimization: Feminists have been accused of encouraging a victim mentality in which men are continually perceived as posing a threat to women. This can result in a feeling of helplessness and powerlessness, and it can make it challenging to forge relationships with men who are allies in the struggle for gender equality.
  9. The Philosophical problem: The notion that gender is a fixed and unchangeable category is rejected by modern feminists, who contend that gender is a social construct that is created and perpetuated by institutions, discourses, and cultural practices. This demonstrates that gender standards and expectations are not constant throughout all cultures and historical periods, but rather vary and are therefore dynamic.

According to activists, modern feminism adopts the principles of Black and queer feminist theories because it recognises the connections between concerns of gender, race, and sexuality.

Modern feminists dispute the idea of a single, essentialized female identity, contending that racial, class, sexual, and national differences all interact to shape women’s experiences and identities. Thus, the diversity of women’s experiences and needs cannot be met by a single feminist goal or method.


Gender, according to modern feminism, is a social construct that differs depending on time and place, challenging the notion of a universal, essentialized womanhood. Modern feminists support a politics of difference that embraces the variety of women’s experiences and viewpoints and works to undermine gender stereotypes. Despite these problems modern feminism continues to have a significant influence on modern feminist thought and action.


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Shefali Sharma Anthroholic
Shefali Sharma

Shefali Sharma is a Research Scholar in the Department of Anthropology at University of Rajasthan. She obtained a prestigious meritorious award by University of Rajasthan in 2022. She also holds qualifications such as UGC – NET. She is a writer by the day and reader by the night and has worked as a content writer for various websites.

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